The Stunning Transformation Of Penélope Cruz
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Ballet classes
Penélope Cruz started ballet classes at the age of 4 because she had so much energy and "didn't know what to do" with herself. She is grateful for becoming a ballerina since it taught her discipline, and without it, the grueling work that takes place on movie sets would be much tougher.
Family life
Cruz is close with her siblings; her sister Mónica worked as Cruz's body double in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," and the two have designed clothing together. Cruz's brother Eduardo began composing music at 14 and collaborated with famed composer Hans Zimmer for the same "Pirates" film.
Being an actress
As a 14-year-old aspiring actor, Cruz attended a cattle call hosted by agent Katrina Bayonas. At first, Cruz was turned away because she was too young, but when Bayonas finally let her perform — fittingly, in the role of an angry young woman — Cruz became the only hopeful Bayonas signed out of a batch of 300.
Penélope’s husband
Cruz starred in the movie "Jamón, Jamón" alongside her future husband, Javier Bardem. There was chemistry between the two of them in the film, but Bardem says Cruz was clearly too young at the time, so "nothing happened"; however, by 2010, the couple was married, and went on to collaborate on several projects.
Cruz and Salma Hayak have been close friends since they starred in the 2006 film “Bandidas.” When Cruz came to the United States, Hayak insisted that her friend stay with her, and Cruz paid it back when the power went out at Hayak's house and she needed her hair done for a premier; naturally, Cruz stepped in.