The Stunning Transformation Of Zara Tindall
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highly covered birth
When the young princess, Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips, was born on May 15, 1981, the media immediately covered her because of the high-profile nature of her mother, Princess Anne. Anne gave birth at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington and stated that Zara's delivery was incredibly fast and somewhat unexpected.
Royal titles
Zara's upbringing with the royal family was as normal as her parents could afford, going as far as not giving their children titles. Princess Anne denied Queen Elizabeth's offer to bestow titles on Zara and her older brother, Peter Phillips, as she wanted them to grow up without the scrutiny that a royal title can bring.
boarding school
Zara and Peter Phillips, their older brother, both went to Gordonstoun, where their uncle Charles had previously attended. "I loved school, I loved sport and being with my mates all the time," Zara recounted of the experience.
Exeter University
After graduating from college, Zara took a gap year and traveled for three months through New Zealand and Australia before enrolling at Exeter University to study physiotherapy. Zara succeeded in her equestrian career while still a student, earning sponsorship in 2003, and graduating from university in 2005.
successful equestrian
Zara established a reputation for herself in the equestrian industry, demonstrating to everyone that she had what it takes to compete in the top divisions. By 2005, Zara had established herself as one of the top riders after winning the FEI European Eventing Championship on her trusty horse, Toytown.