During the 2022 Trooping of the Colour, Queen Elizabeth stood on the balcony alongside her first cousin, Prince Edward. Prince Edward was taking Prince Philip's place—the queen's husband of 73 years died in 2021—but she did pay homage to Prince Philip in a sweet way.
Queen Elizabeth made her final appearance for the Platinum Jubilee in a bright green coat and dress, complete with a matching green hat. Prince Philip was associated with the color Edinburgh Green, which was worn by his staff, as well as in the lining of his cars and stationery, and by many members of the royal family who attended Prince Philip's memorial.
Even though the queen's Platinum Jubilee outfit was a brighter green than Edinburgh Green, it was still an honorable and sweet tribute. A large black pin on her hat, which is considered a mourning pin, was another homage to her late husband in her ensemble.