This story contains discussions of suicide.
Former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner Tyra Sanchez, whose legal name is James William Ross, made her first appearance on Season 2 in 2010. Sanchez ended up winning the competition, despite constantly quarreling with other contestants, not pulling her weight, and even falling asleep in the “werk” room.
In 2016, Sanchez told a fan who called her annoying to “go kill yourself b****,” and she made it worse by refusing to apologize and calling suicide victims cowards who “give up.” Additionally, Sanchez threatened DragCon in 2018 by posting “B.O.O.M,” on her official website, alongside a countdown, which led people to think she would attack the event.
After Sanchez was asked to apologize for the DragCon event, she issued a half-apology video and refused to apologize further. Ross retired from the world of drag in March of 2020, tweeting he wanted, “NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR TOXIC COMMUNITY,” and told people his pronouns are, “HE, HIM, KING or YOUR MAJESTY.”