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The Trending Layered Curve Cut Is The Perfect Low-Maintenance Hairstyle For 2023
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With the start of 2023, the time is nigh for "new year, new me" transformations. While the urge to chop off all our hair or go for a brand-new color is real, before you make any rash decisions, check out the low-maintenance cut that stylists think is about to take over 2023: the layered curve cut.
As the name suggests, the layered curve cut typically pairs long-length hair with long layers and swooping ends that add movement, and Dakota Johnson's long locks or Blake Lively’s signature blond tresses may come to mind. However, your hair does not have to be long to achieve this style — you simply need long layers, which are typically 2 to 3 inches apart and promote movement.
To get the style, start by specifying that you want long layers, and then choose what shape you'd like: U-shape, V-shape, or straight line. The U-shape and V-shape feature hair that is longest in the back and shortest in the front, while the V-shape is more dramatic. The "curve" is achieved using a large round brush and blow dryer to give the style its signature swoop.