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The Trick To Make Dark Roots Look Purposeful
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Dyeing your hair requires a lot of upkeep, and soon after dyeing, you may notice the slightest growth on your scalp. Hair grows approximately half an inch each month, so if you’re not someone who wants to get a root touchup every 6-8 weeks, this is how to make the dark roots seem intentional.
Getting your hair done is costly and time-consuming, so one way to make dark roots look intentional is to only dye your hair one shade lighter than your natural color. Then, when the roots come in, the contrast isn’t that jarring and it’ll look natural.
To create a blended look at the salon, ask for a shadow root glaze which gives a gradual color change from the roots to the ends of your hair. You can also get highlights to achieve the light hair color, but leave your roots untouched, so once your hair grows out, you won’t need to get a touch-up.