The Truth About Carrie Underwood's Husband Mike Fisher
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Carrie Underwood's talent, versatility, and entrepreneurial bent make it no surprise that she married someone who shares her ambitions. Mike Fisher, Underwood's other half, is a native Canadian who recently became an American citizen.
Fisher, 41, is a former NHL player who made his NHL debut with the Ottawa Senators before being traded to the Nashville Predators. His excellent hockey career has earned him the NHL Foundation Award, which celebrates a player who uses "commitment, perseverance and teamwork" to benefit their community.
Fisher and Underwood bonded over their faith, and their faith grew stronger as their family developed. Fisher has said that his parents emphasized the need to find a purpose in his life, and his deep conviction in God stems from his regular church attendance as a child.
Fisher is focusing on new business ventures and family in his new country after formally retiring from the NHL in 2018. Fisher has been busy being a parent to the couple's two boys, Isaiah and Jacob, and co-founding a company called “Catchin' Deers,” an outdoor gear line.