MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - JUNE 12:  Actress Hunter Tylo attends a photocall for the TV Series 'The Bold And The Beautiful' during the 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival on June 12, 2012 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
The Truth About Hunter Tylo's Tragic Past
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Hunter Tylo has been a part of the daytime soap opera world since the 1980s, and she played the star-making role of Dr. Taylor Hayes on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for over 30 years. Shockingly, Tylo's real life almost seems like a soap opera, and she's suffered various unfortunate twists and turns over the years.
sued aaron spelling
In 1996, Tylo got pregnant and was fired from Aaron Spelling's "Melrose Place," as her contract stated that she could have no marked change in appearance. Tylo took Spelling to court and demonstrated that her pregnancy could have been hidden on camera, and she won a settlement of $4.8 million.
daughter had cancer
Not long after Tylo won her lawsuit against Spelling, she gave birth to a baby girl named Katya, who had a painful first few weeks of her life and was eventually diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer. Katya's affected eye was removed, and by 2003, she was cancer free.
unimaginable death
In 2007, Tylo's son, 19-year-old Mickey, drowned in the pool behind his mother's Las Vegas home. He was found dead while fully clothed, appearing to have suffered a seizure when he fell in the pool; the subsequent loss of her husband, as well, led Tylo to withdraw from her career for a while.