"LA Ink" tattoo artist and former makeup mogul Kat Von D has been in several high profile relationships, but her entanglement with Jesse James really stands out. Jesse James was previously married to actress Sandra Bullock, but infamously cheated on her with multiple women, causing them to split.
Soon after James’ divorce, he started dating Von D; they got engaged in 2011, but called it quits in July of that year due to distance, according to James. Von D explained on Facebook that "we were just on two different paths in life," but her version of the story soon took a turn for the scandalous.
Just a couple months after her explanation on Facebook, Von D confirmed that James cheated on her: "Today I encountered the 19th girl to add to the list of people Jesse cheated on me with". She described the relationship as "toxic," and while she initially wasn’t sure about telling fans the truth, she is glad she got it all out for the sake of her mental health.