The Truth About Miley Cyrus' Haunted House
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Miley Cyrus has rented a dozen homes away from home to use as a central hub while on tour. While most of the sites were ordinary, the singer will never forget one in particular that terrified not just her but also her family.
During a European tour, Cyrus rented an apartment in London that she could easily return to when she performed shows in adjacent countries like Ireland or France. However, things began to go bump in the night soon after, prompting Cyrus to leave the property rather quickly.
She discovered that the apartment was once the home of a father and son who ran an old bakery. Cyrus says she saw the son several times, describing seeing a small child sitting on the sink while she was in the shower, but it wasn't until her younger sister had a traumatic incident in the bathroom that she connected the dots.
Cyrus overheard her sister, Noah Cyrus, screaming in the shower one night, claiming that the water had turned scalding hot and that "the knob had turned but [Noah] hadn't turned it and it was burning her." Cyrus claimed she "will never stay there ever again," explaining how her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, and her mother both noticed something unusual as well.