The Truth About Princess Anne's Relationship With Prince William
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Like her late mother, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne is focused on service to her country, and worked diligently to separate the public and private aspects of her life. While Princess Anne wasn’t that enthusiastic about the birth of Prince William and becoming an aunt, her relationship with her nephews changed after Princess Diana’s tragic death.
Anne showed her compassion and sensitivity towards her nephews, speaking out about her support for Queen Elizabeth's choice to keep William and Prince Harry at Balmoral, rather than London. "I don't think either of those two could, would have been able to cope if they had been anywhere else," Anne told ITV in 2017.
Today, Prince William gets along very well with his aunt. In 2021, Princess Anne and Prince William pleased audiences with two joint appearances in one week, with "Royally Us" co-host Christina Garibaldi saying, "This is a fun pairing that we may see more of because obviously it works and maybe they enjoy working together because they are putting them out a little bit more."