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The Truth About Rose Hanbury's Marriage To David Cholmondeley
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Ladies' Man
As a bachelor, David Cholmondeley, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, was called England's "greatest catch" by his fellow blue bloods (via Daily Mail). Upon his 30th birthday, he inherited an estimated fortune of about £112 million and had high-profile girlfriends like French film star Isabelle Adjani and Irish heiress Sabrina Guinness.
Age Gap
At only 19, Rose Hanbury began dating the 42-year-old marquess after the two met and partied in Italy. Despite their large age gap, Rose captured playboy David's heart, convincing him to give up his life of womanizing, and after six years of dating, the two were married.
Quickly Wed
David and Rose announced their engagement in June 2009, followed by Rose's pregnancy announcement the next day. The two married quietly at Chelsea Town Hall in London the day after, meaning Rose had gone from the much-younger girlfriend of Britain's "greatest catch" to the pregnant wife of the Marquess of Cholmondeley in less than a week.
The Heir
Three months after their wedding, the couple welcomed twin boys earlier than expected. Because they were born simultaneously via C-section, Oliver Timothy George was chosen as the official heir because he weighed more than his brother, Alexander Hugh George.
Since the royal affair rumors, Rose has lost some friends, and others report that she has been feeling "increasingly isolated." Both Rose and David have been seen without their wedding rings, and some wonder if the stress of becoming tabloid fodder has torn the couple apart.