The Truth About Snoop Dogg And Kelly Clarkson's Relationship
Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson seem like the oddest of couples, but they're teaming up to host "American Song Contest," a "Eurovision"-style music competition show that brings together singers representing all 50 states, the five U.S. territories, and the nation's capital. Surprisingly, Snoop and Kelly actually have a history that led to this point.
When you consider their backgrounds, Snoop Dogg and Clarkson are actually the perfect hosting duo for the new show. They're both well-known artists who represent two popular yet different genres of music — hip-hop and country — and come from distinctive parts of the country; Clarkson is from Texas, while Snoop Dogg is from California.
The two artists teamed up previously during Season 20 of “The Voice". Snoop Dogg was a guest "mega-mentor" who worked with Team Clarkson member Corey Ward. Ward’s performance of Clarkson’s hit “Already Gone” was so powerful it made both artists emotional, so Kelly and Snoop's through line is already there.
Initial reactions to the Snoop and Clarkson collab were chill, at least, and a bit confused and shocked at most — the two haven't released a track together or anything, and they certainly don't seem to be dating. However, a quick look at their history suggests that this couple is suited to bring us our newest “must watch” music show.