The Ultimatum: The Truth About Rae's Sexuality
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On "The Ultimatum," Rae Williams broke up with her then-boyfriend, Zay Wilson when she started catching feelings for her trial marriage partner, Jake Cunningham. However, Rae revealed some new insights on her sexuality and who she dated after "The Ultimatum" wrapped.
During the reunion episode of "The Ultimatum," Rae revealed she had a relationship with a woman, and both Wilson and Cunningham were supportive of her. She said, "we kind of kept it casual and I'm kind of figuring out myself and my sexuality 'cause I was very uncomfortable with being bi for a very long time."
A fan asked Rae what gave her the strength to come out, and Rae said, "knowing that people are suicidal or depressed over their identity or sexuality and not being accepted or accepting themselves made me want to come out." Rae hopes with future relationships that, "things can just flow," whether it’s with a man or woman.