The Untold Truth Of Wildscaped Lawns
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The environment seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days, and wildscaped lawns are an easy, low maintenance way that anyone with a yard can reduce their environmental footprint. Native turf-grass and wildflowers attract bees and pollinators with their vibrant blooms, and also support birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.
Wildscaped lawns can also help save water; it’s mind-boggling to realize that Americans currently waste approximately nine billion gallons of water every day – every day – by simply watering their non-native lawns. Native turf-grass and wildflowers break our reliance on expensive sprinkler systems and chemical-laden pesticides.
Resisting the urge to mow down your yard can be tough at first, but after some time, you may be surprised by the wildflowers that have been waiting for their chance to sprout and thrive. Moving from a manicured lawn to a wildscaped lawn might be easier if you start by designating specific portions of your yard to become native plant havens.