Eucalyptus oil
This pine-scented oil can help decrease inflammation and suppress common reactions to allergies, and all you need are a few drops. Eucalyptus oil contains antimicrobial properties which help kill off microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, which is why many use it to relieve symptoms of the cold and flu as well.
Lemon Oil
If your energy level is low, lemon oil in a diffuser can help, and it can also calm nerves, relieve a sore throat, promote clear skin, and even relieve morning sickness if you're pregnant. Allergy-wise, lemon oil can reduce inflammation and suppress allergic reactions altogether.
Frankincense oil
This earthy-scented oil is antiseptic; its disinfectant properties help to kill off bacteria and germs that weaken the immune system, and it also reduces bodily inflammation and prevents swelling in the throat. Frankincense oil is also known to slow down signs of aging, reduce stress levels, and ease digestion.
Lavender Oil
This oil promotes relaxation and has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties(!). It also helps seasonal allergies, since it’ll reduce inflammation and mucus, and if you have trouble sleeping, it will calm your nerves and ensure a long, thorough slumber.
Thyme oil
Thyme oil lowers blood pressure, treats yeast infections, uplifts mood, and may help prevent certain forms of cancer. If you struggle with allergies, this oil is a natural cough remedy and may relieve bronchitis, and since it’s packed with vitamin A and C, iron, and manganese, it will boost the immune system and fight bacteria.