These Tricks Help Nina Dobrev Keep Her Hair Looking Fabulous
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Nina Dobrev is best recognized for her role as Elena Gilbert on "The Vampire Diaries," but hairstylists and hair enthusiasts admire her for her thick, long, captivating locks. She sported a variety of hairstyles during the show, including the times she portrayed various doppelgängers, and she looked stunning every time.
Dobrev then chopped her hair short in 2017, and she still looked better than ever. Her secret, which is actually very obvious, is that she takes fantastic care of her hair, but happily, you can copy it using all of Dobrev's tried-and-true hair tricks.
When she's not working, Dobrev avoids using flat irons and heat, preferring instead to leave her hair in braids. She also uses hair masks and hair mists to keep her hair nourished and believes in deep conditioning.