Things In Hallmark Christmas Movies That Only Adults Notice
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Christmas fairy-tales
Fusing royal romance with the holidays is one way Hallmark is able to capture their audience's interest. Hallmark holiday-themed royal romance flicks that offer a much-needed escape include “A Royal Christmas,” “A Princess for Christmas” and “Crown for Christmas.”
A small town
Hallmark loves a small-town romance, so if one of its Christmas movies begins in a bustling metropolis, rest assured that the protagonist will discover the true reason for the season in a cute, tiny town. Typical examples of this include titles like “Moonlight & Mistletoe,” “Christmas in Evergreen,” and “Christmas in Homestead.”
It's impossible to miss the number of Hallmark Christmas film plots centered on a grieving widow or widower finding each other and falling in love. Titles like “Christmas Getaway,” “The Christmas Shepherd,” and “The Christmas Ornament” are perfect for a cathartic holiday cry next time you need it.
A white Christmas
Despite being the setting for many snowy Hallmark Christmas movies, not every city experiences snowy holidays. Visual effects expert Luc Benning described how the illusion of snow was created in Hallmark movies using ice shavings, fire-retardant foam, and crushed limestone, making the “snow budget” $50,000.
No LGBTQ characters
It's impossible to ignore Hallmark's historic lack of leading LGBTQ characters. Crown Media's vice president, Pam Slay, addressed this by stating that Hallmark has “hired many LGBTQ actors,” but the hope remains that Hallmark joins the 21st century and gives their audience an LGBTQ holiday love story.