Remote Controls
A University of Virginia study found that “the remote control’s surface is among the germiest” in a modern home. The remote collects germs from snacking while watching TV and having dirty hands, so spray it with some Lysol or scrub it with a bleach wipe.
Light Switches
We are constantly turning lights on and off in homes, so light switches can be even dirtier than a toilet seat! recommends wiping down all light switches with a disinfecting cloth once a week.
behind the trash can
When we throw things into the trash can, garbage can bounce off the wall behind the can, creating splatter and smear marks. Make sure to always wipe the wall behind the trash to get off all the icky residue.
Inside your ice maker
If the ice in your automatic ice maker looks cloudy or smells or tastes weird, it's definitely overdue for some sanitizing. The Housekeeping Channel recommends cleaning the ice maker at least twice per year.
coffee machine
You may wash your coffee pot everyday, but the inside of your coffee maker really collects all the germs. To disinfect the “coffee maker reservoir,” Good Housekeeping recommends taking off the removable parts and hand washing them or using the dishwasher.