Square diamond ring with halo and diamond encrusted band
Think Twice Before Choosing A Halo Style Engagement Ring — Here's Why
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The halo style is created by taking a solitaire or pavé band and placing a ring of tiny diamonds around the center stone, creating a halo. Many people love this setting because it is adaptable to various diamond shapes and makes the center stone look much bigger; however, this ring may not be practical for everyday life.
Halos add bulk to your ring, and with a double or triple halo, this style will inevitably look and feel like a rock on your finger. A hidden halo sits below the center stone with a smaller diameter, making it hidden when looking at the diamond straight on, but the main diamond sits higher on your finger, leading to snagging your ring on clothes, couches, and other things.
If you enjoy lifting weights or being outdoors, a halo-style ring might not be worth it, and with all the tiny diamonds included in a halo setting, some will inevitably fall out, leaving you with frequent trips to your jeweler for maintenance and trapped dirt. Certain wedding bands will constantly rub against a halo ring, and the diamonds could scratch the metal on the base over time.