Split ends in your hair can be caused by excessive brushing, heat styling, bleaching, chemical damage, and even environmental factors. Though you cannot repair split ends, you can prevent their occurrence and keep them from getting worse, and the way you wash your hair can have drastic effects.
You might think you should wash your hair everyday, but over-washing can dry out your hair by stripping away the protective oils, and “wet hair is so extra susceptible to damage and breakage,” says celebrity stylist Tonya Lee. Lee also says “minimizing your shampoo sessions will give your oil glands a chance to do their job.”
Dermatologist Shilpi Khetarpal told the Cleveland Clinic that it’s not necessary to wash your hair everyday, and hairstylist Alli Webb also says it’s fine to skip shampooing for multiple days, and you can use dry shampoo instead. In an interview with MindBodyGreen, trichologist Bridgette Hill said to apply oils on the ends of hair before you shampoo, which can reduce split ends and lock in moisture.