This Is Why You Crave Salt When You're Dehydrated
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Sodium gets a bad rap, but without salt, we would die. It's not uncommon to crave salt, as dietitian Crystal Savoy explains, "A food craving is a sign from the body that you're missing something." This is why you might crave salt when you're dehydrated, which seems like a contradiction at first, but a closer look explains it all.
Craving salty food is a protection mechanism; it’s your body telling you what it needs. When confume eat salt, you naturally want liquid because the salt makes you thirsty, as dietitian Amanda A. Kostro explains: "Salt and salty foods stimulate thirst, so if you're craving something salty, your body may actually be begging for some water."
It’s not always easy to spot dehydration, but it’s easy to become dehydrated; early signs of dehydration include headache, dizziness, fast heart rate, and muscle cramps. During hot weather you need to drink more water, and drink more frequently; don't forget to replenish lost electrolytes after exercise. Be proactive and hydrate; don’t make your body scream at you that it needs water.