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This One Simple Thing Can Make Or Break A Happy Marriage
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Marriage can be complicated, but the right amount of effort and patience can create an equal and fulfilling experience for both partners. You may still think this is a tall order, especially with divorce rates climbing higher, but one of the simplest ways for couples to avoid unnecessary conflict is by wisely distributing household chores.
This method may not sound like much, but a lack of equity in a relationship is problematic, and an equal distribution of household labor plays a huge role in maintaining harmony. Not only does this prevent a large physical workload from falling on one partner; it prevents a mental and emotional load from falling on them as well.
Though gender roles still play a part in household chores within heterosexual relationships, the number of men participating in housework has increased. This has reportedly resulted in more enjoyable relationships for both partners, curbing the resentment women might feel towards their significant others for their lack of help.