Everyone wants long, luscious locks, and they'll go to any length to get them, even if it means trying out unusual hair hacks like putting mayonnaise on their hair. However, this TikTok hack‌ has gone viral and is backed up by professional trichologists, so it's worth a try.
Instead of wasting money on unproven hair hacks or a slew of pricey hair products, all you need is a $8 scalp massager that went viral after users claimed it prevented hair loss. A scalp massager can help you have healthier hair and scalp by removing dead skin and product buildup while exfoliating any flakiness and promoting blood circulation to help your hair grow faster.
Dr. Nick Fisherman, a trichologist, says that while a scalp massager won't magically grow your hair, exfoliating and boosting blood circulation in your scalp might help create the right environment for better hair to grow. Dr. Bridgette Hill, also a certified trichologist, prefers to use her fingers, saying "The fingertips can be used to apply direct pressure to pressure points."