Tips To Help You Keep Rhinestones On Your Nails Longer
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A fresh manicure always makes you feel good, and it seems that there’s a manicure for every season and event. If you want to be a bit bold and creative, rhinestones are a perfect touch to a manicure; however, if you're concerned about the stones falling off, here are some ways to make them last.
Rhinestones come in all shapes and sizes, and you can either add a bunch of them on your nails for serious bling, or go for a simple look by arranging just a few stones on each nail. Either way, a gel manicure underneath the stones will always last longer than standard polish.
To apply the stones, use an adhesive containing resin, and squeeze out a bead of glue "about half the size of the crystal you're about to place," says Rhinestones Unlimited. Then, apply a clear topcoat on your nails, but make sure to paint around the rhinestones, not over top, to keep them shiny.