TLC Gave The Busby Quintuplets The Ultimate Birthday Gift
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“OutDaughtered” has been a hit show on TLC since it debuted. TLC recently sent a gift to the Busby kids for their birthday, making fans wonder if there’s a new season in the works.
Adam Busby took to Instagram to express his delight at the gift, which is a large mat piano similar to the one Tom Hanks played in “Big.” Adam made a short video featuring the girls running on the giant keys, but the sound is overlaid by another song, which Adam captioned, “Trust me, you don’t want to hear the actual audio that I’m hearing right now.”
One fan jokingly commented on his post, “Does TLC hate you or something?” and another asked, “Thought of buying this for my granddaughter … should I think twice?” but Adam reassured her, saying you can turn the volume down on the toy. In regards to the show continuing, though, there have been no announcements about a ninth season of “OutDaughtered.”
The Busbys have been largely quiet about the issue, instead posting on social media about their daily lives and also focusing on Danielle’s health. Danielle has been suffering from migraines and stomach problems, but after many doctor visits, she told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m looking at a possible autoimmune disease.”
Fans on social media have been asking about another season, to which Adam replied cryptically, “We need to make a video about this soon, just to give our fans our thought process,” but no video announcement has been released yet. Some view the TLC gift as a positive sign that things could move forward, but on the other hand, it might be a farewell gift.