Twitter Has Declared The True Favorite Of Jubilee Weekend
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Seventy years in the making, the Platinum Jubilee was a celebration of Queen Elizabeth and her unprecedented reign, but she also wanted to focus on the future of the monarchy by featuring her family throughout the weekend. One of those family members captured the hearts of millions around the world – little Prince Louis.
The three Cambridge children had rehearsed for their roles in events of the weekend, but no one could have predicted the entertaining behavior of four-year-old Prince Louis, and the way fans would revel in his antics. "We've come to the conclusion that this is Prince Louis's world and we're all living in it!" tweeted a fan.
The preschooler had his sassy moments, but he wasn’t all fournado: at times he rested his head on his mother Kate’s shoulder, gave her tender hugs, and kissed her on the cheek. During the Sunday pageant festivities, he delighted fans by leaving his seat to go sit on his grandfather Prince Charles’ lap, where he bounced happily.