WINDSOR, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 22:  Catherine, Princess of Wales and Prince William, Prince of Wales leave after meeting and thanking volunteers and operational staff on September 22, 2022 in Windsor, United Kingdom. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)
Weird Rules You Have To Follow When You're Dating A Royal
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Limit PDA
Royal couples are strongly encouraged not to show any PDA with their partners, especially when they’re traveling. The royal family enforces this rule to avoid offending conservative countries, and the only physical contact other people should have with royals is a handshake.
Friendship First
Since royals believe friendship is the key to a successful pairing, becoming friends before starting a relationship is encouraged. For example, Prince William and Kate Middleton had a platonic friendship before they became romantically involved.
Table Manners
It’s crucial to have proper table manners when dating a royal, which includes cutting your food into tiny pieces and balancing each bite on your fork, instead of stabbing it. When it comes to dining with royals, there’s even a technique used to eat soup correctly, known as the “Eton flick.”
No Public Discussions
For better or for worse, royals are prohibited from speaking about their relationships publicly. Royals believe speaking about what happens behind closed doors will lead to the downfall of a romantic relationship, and they hope to foster loyalty between partners with this rule.
Proper Fashion
Royal partners are always required to dress formally, but there are different dress codes in place depending on the time of an event. Royal women can’t wear diamonds before 6p.m. and always need a black outfit when traveling, and men must wear suits for ornate events.