Dream Astro Meanings says an itchy dominant hand means “you’re about to start something that will yield results.” Of course, if your right hand is abnormally itchy, be sure to check with a doctor.
It’s a good thing
According to The MetroWest Daily News, an itchy right palm means you’ll meet someone new or should expect the arrival of someone. You might find yourself shaking a stranger's hand or even talking to an old friend after scratching your right palm.
New beginnings
Thanks to handy cell phones, we can easily access breaking news. “Folk-lore from Adams County, Illinois” says an itchy right palm means “news will come to you from afar,” which could come in the form of a letter, a call, or an email.
New News
“University of California Publications in Education” claims an itchy right palm means money is on the way, but you’ll have to work for it by keeping your hand shoved in your pocket. If you forget to put your hand in your pocket, your chance of receiving money vanishes.
What to do
If your right hand starts itching, it is believed by some that scratching it on wood will preserve your luck. However, some say an itchy right palm brings bad luck, so scratching it on wood will reverse your bad fortune.
Luck is on the way
If you’re itching for a fight, “Italian Folk Magic” says the itch in your right hand is about to lead to a nasty brawl. On the opposing end, if your left hand itches, you’ll be on the receiving end of the brawl.
Put on boxing gloves