What Does The Queen's Death Mean For Camilla Parker Bowles' Children?
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The passing of Queen Elizabeth II signifies plenty of changes for the British royal family. King Charles III has taken the throne, while his wife Camilla Parker Bowles has become queen consort, but the lives of Camilla's two children — Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes — will likely change in smaller ways.
According to Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes are not expected to receive any titles from their stepfather, King Charles. Little adds that "as a matter of course, they will not get security," unless it is deemed necessary; however, Tom and Laura do have a good relationship with Charles.
Charles is Tom's godfather, and Camilla's children also have a friendly relationship with their stepbrothers, Prince William and Prince Harry. Tom and Laura mostly stay out of the public eye, but they were in attendance when their mother was installed as a royal lady of the Order of the Garter, and also at the queen's Platinum Jubilee.
Now that Charles has inherited the throne, Camilla's children might be in the spotlight more than they desired, but Tom clearly has faith in his stepfather's capabilities. Tom told Current Affair in 2015, "I've always adored my stepfather [...] He is a man of warmth, intelligence and humanity [...] he will make a fantastic king."