What Happened To Drew Cain's Memories On General
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When he first arrives in Port Charles, “General Hospital’s" Drew Cain is hit by Ava Jerome's car, wiping out his memories, resulting in plastic surgery and a new appearance. We learn his real name is Jason Morgan and he is reunited with Sam McCall, but when the real Jason shows up, Sam chooses to be with the original Jason, leaving Drew alone to try and recover his memories.
Drew finds a flash drive where his memories are stored and asks Dr. Andrew Maddox to restore his original memories. Drew opts out of the surgery at the last minute, and his memories end up in his BFF, Franco Baldwin.
The flash drive then falls into the hands of the mad scientist Shiloh, who knew Drew during his Navy SEAL days, and he engineers the kidnapping of teenager Cameron Webber. Cameron's stepfather, Franco Baldwin, rescues him by volunteering his brain, and when he wakes after surgery, he thinks he is Drew, which is fixed after a few months.
Drew's memories go back onto a flash drive, and he is presumed dead for several years. Now, back in Port Charles, with Victor Cassadine looking into those memories for nefarious reasons, will Drew finally decide to take a chance and get all of his memories back?