What Happened To Marlena's Twin On Days Of Our Lives?
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One of Dr. Marlena Evans’ most memorable storylines on “Days Of Our Lives” was shortly after the character was introduced, and it involved her twin sister, Samantha Evans. Deirdre Hall’s real-life twin, Andrea Hall, played Samantha, and the sisters were the first-ever twins to appear on daytime television.
Samantha first came to Salem with a drug problem and dreams of becoming an actress. She got tired of living in Marlena’s shadow and had her sister locked away in a mental institution, Samantha then used her acting skills to impersonate Marlena. Eventually, the truth came out, and Samantha was sent to the mental hospital instead.
Years later, after the sisters had reconciled, Samantha returned to Salem to visit Marlena. At that time, Marlena was doing a radio show that caught the attention of the serial killer The Salem Strangler; thinking she was Marlena, the strangler killed Samantha. This tragic incident caused a lot of grief for Marlena, and when she gave birth to twins, she named her daughter after her late sister.