Woman in white sweater holding a model of a uterus
What Happens To Your Menstrual Cycle After A Hysterectomy?
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Depending on the medical or personal reason for having a hysterectomy, different types of procedures can be done, like a partial, total, or radical hysterectomy. It's essential to understand the changes that will happen to your body afterward, including how it affects your menstrual cycle.
A hysterectomy causes menstruation to stop and means a woman can no longer have children in the traditional way, and it will relieve the symptoms that caused the need for the procedure. Although the uterus is removed and bleeding stops, it does not prevent you from having cycles if your ovaries and fallopian tubes remain.
Other symptoms surrounding your menstrual cycles, such as PMS and bloating, can still persist after a hysterectomy procedure. Additionally, bodily changes may occur in the recovery process of a hysterectomy, including menopause-like symptoms, such as hot flashes and pain during intercourse.