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What Is Jello Skin, And How Can You Get It?
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Skincare plays a vital role in maintaining healthy skin in the long run, and there are many trendy skincare routines that just might work for you. One regime that's gotten a lot of attention is the popular K-beauty trend called "jello skin," and it's all about achieving skin that is soft, bouncy, and smooth, just like the sweet childhood treat.
The term "Jello skin" was coined by Ava Lee or AVA, a skincare guru who goes by @glowwithava on TikTok. Jello skin is firm, dewy, and wrinkle-free, but while Jell-O may be jiggly, you want your skin to be more of a firm Jell-O; AVA's skincare specialist says that if your skin "bounces" back when poked, rather than jiggling, you have healthy levels of collagen.
To achieve a Jell-O-like skin, AVA recommends using Charlotte Tillbury's Glow Toner. The toner contains niacinamide, a type of vitamin B3 that can help reduce redness and inflammation, and has even been known to prevent skin cancer. Niacinamide also helps in the production of keratin; your hair, skin, and nails are made out of this protective protein.
In addition to a skincare routine, internal wellness is equally important to achieving healthy and beautiful skin. One way that AVA maintains her jello skin is by making healthy dietary choices. In one of her short TikTok videos, AVA and her mother go over the recipe for their "jello skin approved" homemade yogurt with sliced mango on the side.