Even though "Dance Moms" ended over two years ago, fans are still captivated with the cast. Kelly Hyland and her two girls abruptly departed the show after getting embroiled in a physical altercation with Abby Lee Miller in season four, leaving fans wondering what the dance mom is up to now.
Despite being kicked off the show, Hyland appears to have remained close with the other moms, since she, Jill Vertes, Holly Frazier, and Melissa Gisoni started a podcast called "Because Mom Said So" together. They get together once a week to discuss everything from the Johnny Depp trial to groceries.
Christi Lukasiak declined to join "Because Mom Said So," citing a desire to move on from "Dance Moms," but then she agreed to start a new podcast with Hyland. Hyland and Lukasiak just launched "Back to Barre with Christi and Kelly," a new podcast in which they replay episodes of "Dance Moms" and give behind-the-scenes recaps while drinking wine.
Hyland sued Abby Lee Miller in 2014, alleging emotional distress on Paige Hyland's behalf, but the lawsuit was dismissed a year later. Hyland has also hinted at wanting to write a "book on her experience at the studio," although there are no official plans, and Hyland has not announced it on her social media.