Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were not only the youngest sister on the hit sitcom "Full House," but they also starred in 15 films over their acting careers. Now, a co-star from one of those teen films is talking about what it was like to work with the world's most famous twins.
In 2001, Mary-Kate and Ashley starred in "Holiday in the Sun," and co-star Ben Easter, who played Ashley's love interest, claimed that they were both serious about their work, which surprised him. "When you see them in the media, they could appear very distant or closed-off,” Easter remarked, but “they are sweet, funny, very funny, and goofy and then equally professional."
Easter revealed unforgettable moments with the Olsen twins, explaining, “They had a yacht. [...] We would all hang out and we had a lot of time to get close and really bond.” Megan Fox, the twins' other co-star in the movie, even recalled how the twins “took us all out on a private chartered boat and we went to a private island in the middle of the Bahamas.”