It's rare for royals to display emotion in public, and even Queen Elizabeth could "not show affection towards" baby Prince Charles at his royal christening in order to "maintain her dignity." However, every now and again, we catch a glimmer of genuine feeling, such as Prince Charles' smile during the Platinum Jubilee.
At the Sunday Platinum Jubilee Pageant Parade, the crowd caught Prince Charles, who was sitting close to his wife Camilla Parker Bowles, in a fit of giggles. While we're not sure what prompted Prince Charles to laugh, fans enjoyed the display of emotion, with one observer commenting, "It's good to see happy people."
Others, on the other hand, did not enjoy Prince Charles' laughter, with one viewer stating, "I always feel its so fake. They know the cameras are watching them." So whether people were entertained by the Prince’s fit of laughter, it is quite the change of "face" for the usual stoic royal.