What These Stars From My 600-Lb Life Look Like Today
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Melissa Morris
Melissa Morris, the "OG" of "My 600-lb Life," was the first person featured on the show, and she's now living her best life every day. Fans who followed Melissa's journey knew that having children was something she desperately desired, and despite the odds, Melissa is now a mother of three.
Zsalynn Whitworth
The story of Zsalynn Whitworth, who had a notoriously manipulative and unsupportive spouse, kicked off Season 2 of "My 600-lb Life." Fortunately for her, the couple divorced, and it appears that Zsalynn has met someone special, as indicated by a Facebook post showing her making goo goo eyes at a new man.
Paula Jones
Paula Jones, who had a particularly moving episode in Season 2 of "My 600-lb Life," is now fulfilling the dream of long-term weight loss. She is a confident selfie queen and outspoken advocate who isn't scared to appear in a swimsuit or post pictures with her arms bare.
Amber Rachdi
Amber Rachdi is the rising Instagram queen among the stars that have emerged from "My 600-lb Life." She often updates her account, showcasing her makeup skills, very cute hairstyles, and new outfits, as well as noting that she continues to take care of herself and works out on a regular basis.
Joe Wexler
Joe Wexler, who weighed approximately 800 pounds, was presented to fans on Season 3 of "My 600-lb Life." Joe achieved milestones such as driving, skin removal surgery, and losing 500 pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery; he is now working hard in the IT field and attending online courses, with huge plans for the future.