Leland Fraser, Brendan Fraser and Holden Fraser attend the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
What We Know About Brendan Fraser's 3 Sons
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Brendan Fraser has three sons with his ex-wife and fellow actor, Afton Smith. The two divorced in 2007, but Fraser says the boys hang out at his home "all the time."
Griffin, born in 2002 and on the autism spectrum, is described by Fraser as "the happiest person" and "the manifestation of love."
Fraser bought a horse named Pecas for Griffin, gushing, "There's something good that happens between the two of them."
Holden, two years younger than Griffin, attended a screening of "The Whale" with his dad and brother, Leland. Fraser also held a Q&A with Holden's college film studies class.
Fraser says his youngest son, Leland, is an avid cook who watches cooking tutorials for inspiration. He especially loves ramen — Fraser jokes that his sons ask for it twice a week.
Fraser said his children were too young to take much interest in his earlier films like "The Mummy," but they now understand how cool their father's job is.
His sons got Fraser a cake to celebrate his best actor Oscar nomination and were beaming with pride alongside him that night, teasing him about his Dad jokes on the red carpet.