What We Know About Kate Hudson And Alex Rodriguez's Relationship
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Kate Hudson comes from a famous family and Alex Rodriguez has a list of celebrity exes, and with traits like that, it sounds like these two are a match made in Hollywood fling heaven. While they have both gone their separate ways, speculation about their relationship still sparks conversation years later, on whether it was genuine or all a PR stunt.
The pair met in 2008 at Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel, but only began dating a few months later. Hudson was often seen supporting Rodriguez in the stands at Yankees games and even brought along her parents, but the pair only lasted about 7 months before calling it quits.
While many believe it could have been a PR stunt, the point of that would have been to be seen and the couple was rarely photographed together in public. The reason for the pair’s breakup is unknown, but a source told Us Weekly that Rodriguez wanted a long-term partner and was turned off by Hudson’s desire to be on camera.