What We Know About Queen Elizabeth's Heartbreaking Final Wish
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Though Queen Elizabeth II was 96 years old, her death was still a shock for many, and her funeral on September 19, 2022 drew 4.1 billion viewers from around the globe. The queen had a heavy hand in planning her own funeral, and now, the public is learning details about Elizabeth's most prominent final wish before she died.
At her funeral, Queen Elizabeth requested that the choir sing "Russian Kontakion of the Departed," the last hymn played at her husband Prince Philip's funeral, and she also requested "The Lord's My Shepherd," which played at her wedding. However, her biggest final wish was to be buried alongside her parents.
Historian Robert Harmand comments that Elizabeth "had no wish to see a statue of herself or to even have a separate burial chamber within St. George's Chapel." The queen was indeed buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel beside her father, King George VI; her mother, the Queen Mother; her sister, Princess Margaret; and her husband.
Royal insiders say that another one of the queen's final wishes was for her family to make up. She was aware of the strife between Prince Harry, his brother Prince William, and their father King Charles III; the entire royal family came together to pay respects to the queen, but we have yet to see if they will truly unite again in hearts and minds.