Actress Kelly Sullivan
Whatever Happened To Sage On The Young And The Restless?
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"The Young and the Restless" fans first met Sage Warner, played by Kelly Sullivan, in the fall of 2014 as the beloved ward of the wealthy Constance Bingham and soon-to-be bride of Gabe Bingham. However, on their wedding night, Gabe drowned while saving a badly-burned Adam Newman.
At the hospital, the bodies were mixed up, and Adam was declared dead. So, Adam took over Gabe's identity and had reconstructive surgery to look like him. The plan benefited them both financially, but eventually, they returned to Genoa City, where she fell hard for Nicholas Newman.
Sage and Nicholas grew close, and Adam demanded a paternity test when Sage got pregnant, revealing that it was Nick's child. Sage and Nick married, but the pregnancy was difficult for Sage, resulting in an early labor where Adam was forced to help deliver baby Christian in the park.
Although Sage thought the baby had died, he was actually given to Sharon, who was raising him as her son, Sully. When Sage found out, she drove off to tell Nick but lost control and crashed her car. Sharon was driving behind Sage and stopped to let her hold Christian for the first time, but Sage died with the baby in her arms.