Thrifting has become extremely popular amongst teens and young adults, and some have even made a living by selling used clothing online. The two most-used thrifting apps, Depop and Poshmark, may look similar; however, they differ in terms of their design, usability, and social status, so we've determined which app might be suited for your thrifting goals.
Depop is massively popular for people ages 26 and under, since the app is very user-friendly and resembles Instagram; more aesthetically pleasing pictures of items can boost your sales, and the app's algorithm may even pick up on your shop and feature you on the popular Depop homepage. You can also privately DM sellers and customers on this app.
Depop does take 10% of your profit for each item sold, but the app's agreement with PayPal allows for protected money transfers. Meanwhile, Poshmark is more popular with millennials and is more laid-back; there's no pressure to make your feed look great. However, all conversations are out in the open, which can be awkward for first-time sellers and buyers.
Poshmark is against raising prices and will take action on those who price items ridiculously high, and the app takes a flat fee of $2.95 from items under $15. However, for any item over this price, the fee goes up to 20%, making it hard to earn extra cash — if you like curating your feed to look nice, you value app usability, and you don't mind a 10% flat fee, Depop is your best bet.