Star of The Young and the Restless, actor Sean Dominic looks into the camera smiling
Who Are Nate's Real Parents On The Young And The Restless?
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"The Young and the Restless" is a soap opera focusing on the lives and conflicts between families in fictional Genoa City.
One notable character is the trained physician Nathan Oliver Hastings Jr., who first appeared on the show as an infant in 1992 and has been played by Sean Dominic since 2019.
Nate Jr. was born to Nathan Hastings and Olivia Winters, although his mother had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and advised to have an abortion to save her life.
Nate Jr. was born early, and Olivia survived but wanted full custody as Nathan had committed adultery, prompting him to kidnap their son.
Nathan decided to return Nate Jr. to his mother, only to die in a car accident before he could. Olivia married Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore) but divorced after his infidelity.
When her health declined, Olivia changed her will to assign Malcolm's custodial rights to his brother, Neil Winters.
Olivia cheated death once more but continued to have conflicts about custody and access with Malcolm, who later disappeared on a trip to Kenya.
Olivia hasn't been on the show since 2012, and the character of Neil Winters suffered a fatal stroke in 2019 when the actor who played him, Kristoff St. John, tragically died.