Why Did Dora Madison Burge Leave Chicago Fire?
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Dora Madison Burge was introduced in Season 3 of "Chicago Fire" as Jessica "Chili" Chilton, but departed in the middle of Season 4. Fans were shocked to see a character leave in the middle of the season, but then-showrunner Matt Olmstead said it was all part of the plan to keep viewers on their toes.
Burge's exit from the show had little to do with her personal life and more to do with keeping viewers surprised, and therefore hooked. When Jessica Chilton’s twin sister, Alissa, was found dead, Chili started drinking heavily and was fired by her boss, Boden, shocking viewers who expected the character to stay longer.
Burge later said, “I loved playing Chili. She was smart, fun, and ambitious. She was also troubled, traumatized, and struggled with addiction. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear the weight of the world on their shoulders." There is also a chance that Chili will return to the show someday, given the nature of "Chicago Fire."