Why Meghan And Harry Will Likely Be Silent Amid Disturbing Allegations
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Tom Bower isn't shy about the intentions of his latest book, "Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors," telling Piers Morgan that he sees Meghan Markle as a danger to Britain and couldn't care less if he exacerbates her public downfall. In the book, Bower makes a variety of shocking claims about Meghan and her husband Harry.
Bower claims that Harry's friends thought he was off his rocker to date Meghan, that Meghan may have been living with her ex-boyfriend when she began dating Harry, and that Meghan refused the royal family's pleas for her to reconcile with her estranged father. However, royal expert Gareth Russell finds it highly unlikely that the Sussexes will address Bower's allegations.
Russell explains, "If you go out answering every single book or allegation, it will consume your entire day [...] You won't have spare time to devote to your mental health." The Sussexes have commented several times about staying away from negative press for the sake of their mental wellbeing, so Russell may be right about the couple not giving Bower the time of day.