Why Prince Harry Wasn't Allowed To Salute At The Queen's Funeral
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The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 19 saw thousands of people gather in Westminster Abbey to say goodbye. A few members of the royal family, including Prince William and Princess Anne, wore military uniforms, but Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, wore a simple morning suit and did not salute at his grandmother's coffin.
Harry served ten years of military service for his country, and he did wear his military uniform to the queen's final vigil. A spokesperson stated that the Duke wanted the main focus to be on his grandmother during her funeral, explaining his simple dress; however, we know another reason why Harry did not salute.
Harry did not salute alongside his relatives because he lost the privilege to do so after stepping down as a working member of the royal family. In fact, this would normally prevent him from wearing a military uniform at all; Harry's father Charles and the rest of the royal family granted the Duke special permission to wear his uniform at the queen's vigil.