Why Princess Diana's Casket Wasn't Open During Her Funeral
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Princess Diana lay in state in the Chapel Royal at St. James’ Palace in a closed casket at her family’s request. The internationally-loved royal had a closed casket funeral, because the royal family felt that puting her on display in an open casket would be disrespectful.
The Princess of Wales was tragically killed in a car accident when her driver traveled at high speeds through a tunnel in Paris, trying to escape paparazzi. Her driver, Henri Paul, and another passenger, her assumed boyfriend Dodi Fayed, were both pronounced dead at the scene.
Although Diana survived the initial crash and underwent several hours of surgery at a French hospital, the horrific chest injuries she suffered proved to be fatal. Because of the uncertain context surrounding her death, Diana was subjected to an autopsy, and there was ultimately too much damage done to her body to have an open casket.