Why Viola Davis Is Facing Heat For Her Portrayal Of Michelle Obama
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Showtime’s new series “The First Lady” chronicles the lives of three former first ladies, and stars Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Gillian Anderson. The show is receiving glowing reviews, except for one detail: a certain facial expression Viola Davis uses way too much, according to social media users.
Davis portrays Michelle Obama, and for her performance, she adopted Obama’s pursed lips, one of the real-life first lady’s trademark mannerisms. Twitter users complained that Davis took Obama’s glower too far, to the point of appearing cartoonish. “[...] no one corrected her to tell her how ridiculous it looked?” one viewer wondered.
The official trailer shows Davis pursing her lips quite a bit, but it is by no means the only facial expression she uses in her portrayal of Obama. Many on Twitter defended the Oscar winner, and one supporter even referred to her as [...] “one of the greatest actresses in history.”