Diamond engagement rings may be traditional, but pearl rings are perfect for people with a unique style, as there are many pearls to choose from. Freshwater pearls are less expensive, Akoya pearls have a lovely glowy look, and pearls even come in colors such as gold, pink, peach, light purple, blue, and edgy black Tahitian varieties.
Also, pearls are now classy and trendy since "pearlcore" became a popular aesthetic. The fashion world is currently obsessed with pearled clothing, hair accessories, and of course, jewelry; at the same time, even if "pearlcore" passes on in favor of the next jewelry trend, pearls themselves will never go out of style.
For more inspiration to find the perfect pearl ring, look to celebrities like Ariana Grande, whose engagement ring features a diamond and a pearl, and Emma Stone, whose ring is classic and elegant. Speaking of elegance, iconic beauty Jackie Kennedy once said "Pearls are always appropriate" — do you need any more convincing?